A stunning Princess  Dress with sweetheart form neckline ,and a  tulle skirt that has plenty of volume The bodice is covered with embellished delicate beading and sequins with a hint of silver.
ABIGAIL -Closeup


Abigail is a stunning Princess Dress with a sweetheart form neckline and a strapless top, that nicely shows your shoulders. The basque waist gives you a perfect waistline, where the full length ball gown model makes you look like a fairy-tale princes. The skirt of the Abigail dress is tulle which gives it plenty of volume. The bodice of the dress is covered with embellished delicate beading and sequins with a hint of silver for a sparkling effect.

Your perfect wedding dress

Make your special day perfect with the perfect wedding dress. This one day you feel like the most important person in the world and all eyes will be on you. You’ll find your perfect dress in the Affezione collection, where we have a broad collection of beautiful dresses in different shapes and colours. We advise you to buy your Affezione wedding dress from our authorized stores. The Abigail dress is also available in bigger sizes, up to

About Abigail Adams

The Abigail dress is named after Abigail Adams. She was one of the first feminists. As the wife of the second president of the United States, she was a firm believer in women’s rights, and she lived a life that proved it. Often separated from her husband due to his political work, the self-educated Abigail oversaw the family’s household and largely raised their four children on her own, all the while maintaining a lively lifelong correspondence with her husband on the political issues of the day. She was also famous for her early advocacy of several divisive causes, including women’s rights, female education and the abolition of slavery. The most famous quote of Abigail Adams is:  Remember the ladies.